Another sunny Friday? !! What did we do to deserve such wealth? Get out there and have fun and take these amazing trucks with you.

All these tracks, and even more tracks provided by The Grapevine over the last 12 months, are available in the New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

LadieLex – “wrong direction”

Need a new power walk song to show everyone your confidence and superiority? Ladie Lex’s new pop-rock song “Wrong Direction” is perfect for you. The lyrics “I don’t go in the wrong direction” keep you from getting lost when you’re fascinated by synth beats. We hope that the newly discovered Power Walk will remember us with confidence. AE

Love Guru & N3dek – ”Ísland BestÍHeimi (Sumar 2022)”

Remove the glow stick from storage, apply heavy spray tanning, put blonde highlights on your hair, and crack open the bacardi breather. This is because Loveguru is here to magically drive you away until 2005. This song is virtually indistinguishable. The B side of the scooter is completely Icelandic, with crowds flying around in the video, Guru himself yelling at the camera, and mysteriously a cartoon picture of his face (warning: this video). Can cause seizures). When I hear a synth hitting my head with a squeaky toy, it smells like Calvin Klein One. Not for the timid or those who want to forget the beginning of the century. ASF

Svala – “bone”

It’s a surprisingly bright and optimistic song for a song with a title like “Bones,” perfect for an afternoon walk or a drive in the midnight sun. The poem looks to a hopeful future, saying, “A better day is coming.” This is a friendly reminder in a world that is still upset by COVID and many other tragedy. Crank this at full volume to remind you of the good things around you. EL

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