A landslide occurred at a private construction site in Estrada de San Francisco yesterday (Thursday), damaging a 400-year-old plot of a classified heritage old town wall, but no injuries or deaths. It was.

“IC dispatched personnel to the site to investigate the situation where a partial collapse of the wall in question was confirmed. IC will work with relevant departments to understand the cause of the accident and follow up. “The department said.

The adjacent hill near the construction of a new adjacent infectious building at Conde S. Januario Hospital collapsed around 7 pm yesterday, and clay and stone walls smashed the cages and walls of nearby residential balconies. I crushed it.

Some dwellings were badly destroyed, clay and rocks were pushed into the rooms of the house, and some furniture and furnishings were damaged.

The firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after receiving the call, searched with a heat detector, and confirmed that no one was trapped.

Authorities then contacted all residents of the building, parking lot owners, and area managers, initially determining that no one was missing.

The Land Services and Urban Construction Department also inspected the site for investigation, initially determining that the structure of the affected building was not dangerous and had to carry out further follow-up.

The walls of the old town are the remains of the walls that surrounded the colonial old town during the Portuguese administration of the 16th and 17th centuries.

In addition to the section near Estrada de San Francisco, the walls of the old town have three other segments. That is, the section near the west of the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Estrada de Viscon de San Janu Ario and the nearby section. To Elmida, Our Lady of Penha.

Construction of the infectious building began earlier this year, and in January, according to the Chinese newspaper Macao Daily, some residents had excavators with many debris and gravel, and some walls and scaffolding. I found that I removed. The ancient walls of the site were clearly exposed.

These inhabitants are also said to have been concerned that nearby construction projects could endanger ancient walls.

Also, the exact cause of the landslide has not yet been identified, but it has been raining heavily recently.

Regarding the construction of two construction bulls adjacent to the old town wall, the IC made some opinions and requests during the design phase of the construction, considering the value of the relevant cultural heritage, and requested approval of the plan. Said. Jurisdiction department before construction work resumes.

“Because of the landslide, the IC conducted inspections and evaluations of the ancient city walls after inspection by the relevant departments, and the condition of the slopes is safe and stable. After analyzing and obtaining detailed information, we will discuss restoration opinions, “said the agency.

In recent years, the IC has also dispatched staff to follow up and complete the restoration of some of the ancient walls. After the hillside is strengthened and stabilized, the ancient walls are restored according to their original style, craftsmanship and materials.

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