Why did Otessa Moshfeg write a bad medieval fantasy novel? And again, this raises the question of whether it is possible to write a good medieval fantasy novel. Of course, there is also Tolkien. But there are others. The first chapter of George RR Martin’s “Game of the Throne” displays the following line: “‘Dire wolf was unleashed in this area after many years,'” said Huren, the horse’s owner. “I don’t like it.” A tremendous kitsch, this. But people love it. Martin’s books have sold millions. So there are Robert Jordan, Tad Williams, Raymond E. Feist and so on. But is another mass of cod loose in the area? I don’t like it.

On the other hand, when a genre becomes so popular, it gets the attention of ironists. That is, it attracts the attention of more reflexive or parody winding writers who are interested in what a particular genre is trying to say about something more serious than kitsch. theme.This may be one of the reasons Lap VonaOtessa Moshfeg’s fourth novel, takes place in a common medieval territory, and why it kicks off some of the medieval fantasy metaphors.

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