Debate over the Queen and her legacy continued all night across the pond, with several US talk show hosts dedicating portions of Thursday’s show to the monarch.

James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah have all paid tribute to the Queen, with UK resident Corden describing her as a “universally beloved” and “guiding light”.

The actor and comedian, who announced he was stepping down as host of The Late Late Show earlier this year, thanked her for “the most incredible service and leadership she has shown throughout our lives.”

At the beginning of the show, in a solemn and respectful three-minute monologue, he said:

“We saw her as immortal and an integral part of the fabric of our world.”

“She represented goodness in this world, lived a life of honor, was dedicated to service, and dedicated to making the lives of others better.

“And it always felt like she was there for all of us. For 70 years, she never wavered. She was never political.”

“It wasn’t for her own PR. Maybe that’s why she was as loved and respected by the president as the man down the street, and she treated them both equally.” .

“It didn’t matter who you were. She was there for you.”

He added that “in a world of uncertainty and instability,” the queen is “always a queen” and a “guiding light.”

“She was always graceful and dignified, and always a shining example of leadership. She represents stability in a world that often feels like the floor is shaking,” he said.

“Queen Elizabeth was unique. A life’s work that will never be repeated.”

Kimmel also dedicated part of her opening monologue to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, saying that her 70-year reign had been “a pretty good run.”

Calling the monarch the “rock” of England, he remarks:

“America’s closest thing to Rock is The Rock[actor Dwayne Johnson].”

Reflecting on the “amazing” number of people the Queen met during her reign, he said: ‘ as a photo of the monarch standing directly behind Donald Trump was shown.

On The Daily Show, Noah also adopted a less serious tone, comparing the “full spectrum of emotions” following the news.

The comedian also stressed that the Queen is one of the world’s longest-reigning monarchs, and said her time on the throne was “insane.”

“I mean, she saw Adam West as Batman, Michael Keaton as Batman, Christian Bale as Batman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Robert Pattinson as Batman,” he joked. said

“Look, I’m sure there are better ways to measure time than Batman, but you get it.

“She was in the game for a minute.”

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