With the Leaving and Junior Certificate exams scheduled to begin tomorrow, HSE has published tips to help anxious students manage stress, including family advice.

Mark Smyth, Senior Clinical Psychologist at SE, said sleep, diet and exercise are at the top of the list of best practices for managing stress.

Here are some tips for students on how to deal with pressure:


If students want their exams to go well, a good night’s sleep is the best they can, HSE says, helping them stay focused and find time to relax after a long day. increase.


Eat regularly and rehydrate. Using the car analogy, a car wouldn’t run without gasoline. Eat regular meals and eat well: This helps with the ability to think, focus and prolong distance.


Regular exercise helps relieve stress buildup and improve mood. Incorporate it into your plan: walking a dog, swimming or cycling, or whatever activates you.


Make a good time. Not only allowed, but recommended. Schedule fun on weekends and between exams.


Try to keep some perspectives: Ask yourself: After 10 years, can you remember the grades you got on the exam? It’s unlikely.

Mark Smyth, Senior Clinical Psychologist at HSE, said: Remember that testing anxiety is normal and anxiety is an emotion, so give it time to pass. The more you fight, the longer it will last. As the phrase progresses, “When you see the waves coming, grab the surfboard.”

Finally, Smith also urges families to be aware of the difficult times children are experiencing. They are encouraged to remind you of the tips above and provide support by addressing schedules and responsibilities.

He said parents should encourage their children to eat well and remind them of the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

The next helpful tip for his parents is to be “flexible” -housework can wait.

He also encourages parents to talk to their children about the nerves of the exam, encourage exercise, and most importantly, “don’t increase pressure.”

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