Congressmen Ella Ray Chen I and Leon Sun Iok carefully monitor the employment status of workers in closed satellite casinos, urge authorities to provide appropriate follow-up measures and support, and hire responsible companies. I urged you to prepare to secure.

As reported yesterday, Galaxy will close three satellite casinos at its Rio, President and Wald hotels under the Game License and City Club brands, moving their staff to other facilities within the group.

These three casinos employ about 600 people, most of them at the Rio and Wald casinos.

The legislators of the Macau Trade Union Federation (FAOM) wanted the Government of Macau to take the initiative to help arrange for other employees employed by the casino itself. ..

The unemployment rate of locals in the city has risen to 4.5%, the highest since 2009.

At the end of the fourth quarter of last year alone, the number of full-time employees in the gaming industry decreased by 1,774, of which 758 decreased the number of dealers and 410 decreased the number of service and sales staff. ..

Lei Cheng I and Leong Sun Iok said they understand that the epidemic has affected a variety of industries, including the gaming industry, and is facing major challenges in running its business.

Therefore, to reduce costs, gaming companies have introduced half-pay, unpaid, salary reduction, or internal reemployment schemes since the epidemic.

They ensure that employers “maintain these jobs as much as possible through mutual efforts by employees and employers, and monitor and ensure that relevant policies comply with relevant regulations of labor-related laws. I’m hoping to ask the authorities. ”

Lei Cheng I and Leong Sun Iok added that in recent months there have been many rumors in the city community that some casinos will move forward with outages and layoffs.

The legislature wanted the government to take the lead in contacting public relations, clerks, or related employees, including employees in the areas of security, catering, and hotels.

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