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To the editor,

I read the commentary “What makes Singapore, Singapore more uncertain than ever?” (Today, June 9th) with great interest.

First, we need to have a good grasp of our position when we want to know and predict the current turmoil, whimsical and uncertain world order of the superpowers over the region, full of struggles, conflicts and wars. I have.

In short, Singapore should deepen our research and analysis on the following subjects:

Strategic place
Geographically, Singapore is an international city. Or an island country with a small area of ​​728.6 square kilometers. In the context of war, it is a strategic place to be contested by all strategists. So no matter what, Singapore cannot afford to go to war and the consequences will be very devastating and immeasurable.

Foreign policy
Given Singapore’s strategic position, Singapore must always maintain and review its neutral, non-aligned, and pragmatic foreign policy, whether the world order is constantly changing, capricious and unpredictable. I have.

Defense enhanced with total defense
Since independence, Singapore has undoubtedly gone in the right direction by establishing a powerful army. On the road to nation-building, Singapore recognized the urgency and need to adopt enhanced measures by further strengthening defense and upgrading to full defense with government foresight and wiseness. I’m lucky. The recent Ukrainian war has proved the importance of our total defense.

Anyway, these will greatly strengthen and confirm Singapore’s position as a global financial and commercial hub.

Political stability and rational policy
Singapore’s political stability and rational policy coherence are for maintaining economic security, social equality, harmony, cohesion, security and addressing unpredictable and unprecedented viral diseases. It’s an important point. For example, Singapore has survived the 2003 SARS outbreak and epidemic, and the ongoing COVID-19 for two years.

Nevertheless, Singapore needs to continue to support open, consultative, tolerant and comprehensive governance or control. This promotes and promotes freedom of expression, thinking, debate, public debate or public discourse for the benefit of people and the nation. Therefore, it is unlikely that illogical, open, rational and fair discussions, rather than scientific evidence, will lead to social polarization.

Teo Kueh Liang (Mr)

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