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To the editor,

See today’s report, “4G Teams Renew Social Contracts and Develop” Forward Singapore “Agenda for the Next Decade and beyond: Lawrence Wong” (May 1st).

Lawrence Wong, a newly elected 4G leader, clearly explained in a Mayday Rally speech that renewal of social contracts would be a major initiative of his 4G team.

It’s heartwarming to know that Lawrence Wong wants to collate and study feedback from unions, people and the private sector, especially on economics, health care and housing.

Social contract between government and people

As clearly defined on the official website of the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs (MSF), a social contract is an implicit agreement between the government and the people on their respective roles and responsibilities, present and future.

Investigating, analyzing and understanding the needs, aspirations, anxieties and plights of the people, especially the poor and vulnerable, is crucial for governments to formulate, improve and coordinate national policies. Therefore, it must be a way to recognize them as the main impetus to move the country forward and climb to another height.

Overcoming economic challenges

As highlighted on the Monetary Authority of Singapore website, there is considerable uncertainty in the global macroeconomic outlook, and the pandemic trajectory remains a risk. Inflation is expected to rise further to 3.3% in 2022 and elsewhere.

As you know, Singapore is one of the world’s financial centers and an international city. Its economic and social structure is inevitably affected by such dynamic and volatile challenges. How Singapore overcomes all these difficulties is certainly a reflection and test of the wisdom, resilience, and wisdom of 4G leaders.

Prioritizing solutions for unemployment

As a worried parent, as Singapore faces tough talent, the PAP government has secured employment for the younger generation in this competitive work environment and tough employment market, and a career after graduating from a higher education institution. I’m worried about how it can help expand my outlook. We are competing globally for crunches and talents focused on technology.

Therefore, prioritize, focus on and address the complexity of structural unemployment and reduction, as well as consistently promote skill upgrade schemes and knowledge-based technologies to upgrade and improve the overall workforce. That is the most important and important thing for the government. At the same time, it attracts and balances the right number of foreign talent to supplement the workforce.

Singapore’s overall unemployment rate remained at 2.2%. Resident unemployment, 3 percent. According to MOM’s monthly unemployment report in May, the unemployment rate for citizens is 3.1%. However, it is also important to help the government, including PMET, rehire dismissed or unemployed citizens as soon as possible.

Currency strengthening

In addition, the government has developed an emergency response plan, uplifting the economy, consistently improving the quality of life of all citizens, and integrating long-standing capabilities to overcome these rapidly evolving economic challenges. It is very important to do.

For example, if MAS could further strengthen Singapore’s currency, it would definitely help importers lower the cost of imports and services. It will also offset the rising costs of inflation. Ultimately, downward cascading is effective and reduces the cost of living for all households.

Efforts to raise prices

Today, many media and low-income households are still struggling to find a way to earn income so that they can have enough food on the table amid rising food prices, utilities and transportation costs. ..

In the eyes of the public, it is the government’s duty to take bold and pragmatic action to tackle the negative effects of rising global oil, energy and food prices and close supply chains.

GST exemption

In addition, the government may consider exempting GST or maintain the GST status quo for essential staple foods such as rice, flour, milk, milk and cooking oil (India plans to do this for 215 items). It is important. , Eggs, cheese, potatoes, fish, chicken, sugar. Doing so can significantly reduce the rising cost of living that people face.

We deeply believe that these strategic measures or proposals highlighted above can increase labor productivity, maintain employment stability and vibrancy, and enhance GRP growth.

At the end of the day, the public appreciates the merits of the government, and the parties look forward to further strengthening mutual trust and ties, a society of understanding and unity, and a prosperous and shining Singapore.

Teo Kueh Liang

The views expressed here are those of the author / contributor and are not necessarily the views Independent Singapore..

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