Published June 7, 2022

Behind Hong Kong’s glittering facade is the poor lower abdomen, where more than 220,000 people live in cramped, fragmented apartments, bed spaces, and cage homes.

A bustling city of about 7.5 million people, Hong Kong is famous for its expensive real estate market, which is considered the most affordable in the world. For about 220,000 people, homes are located in more than 110,000 subdivided units in the city. These shoebox dwellings (usually units created from existing apartments in old Nagaya) are well known for their poor and cramped conditions.

Lots of land, but not for residential use

Over the years, the housing crisis in Hong Kong has been driven by land shortages, and there has been active debate about where to free for housing and land reserves accumulated by major Hong Kong developers. About 25 percent of Hong Kong’s total area of ​​1,110 square kilometers (430 square miles) has been developed. The rest of the area is relatively natural, most of them country parks or protected areas.

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