The opening of Dublin’s latest attraction, Gormley’s Secret Sculpture Garden, will showcase more than € 1 million of life-sized art.

The new permanent home of Ireland’s largest sculpture collection is behind Dublin’s Gormleys Fine Art.

The garden will open on Thursday, June 23, and will showcase the best Irish and international artists with indoor and outdoor sculpture exhibitions.

There are 60 works on display, most of which are life-sized bronze sculptures by artists such as Patrick O’Reilly, Jachinto Bosco, Salvador Dali, Ian Pollock, Amon Kant, John Behan, Anthony Scott, Sandlabel, Bob Quinn and Anna. .. Duncan.


Seo Yong-duk’s anguish (40,000 euros) introduced at the Gormley’s Secret Sculpture Garden Exhibition on June 23. Photo: Kevin Hughes.No reproduction fee

Gormleys has refurbished two gardens and the backside of its gallery to create an oasis of sculpture.

The idea is a series of major Irish and international art that has attracted record crowds at the Lasborough House and the Caroden Hotel in Belfast over the past few years to see large-scale works by artists such as Dali. Inspired by the in-the-garden sculpture exhibition.

Gallery Manager James Gormley said:

“But so far, there hasn’t been a permanent home in Dublin large enough to display a large outdoor sculpture.

“We want to be a permanent stop on Dublin’s tourist trails, where people can experience the best Irish and international artists in one place.”

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The Gormleys Gallery currently consists of three floors with a sculpture garden accessible from the Gallery on South Frederick Street.

The inspiration behind this series lies in the mystery of life and existenceIan Pollock

“The contemporary gallery on the second floor is a gallery with works by famous international artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy and Damien Hirst, as well as works by leading Irish artists Peter Monaghan, Mather and Stephen Forbes. Visiting is now a complete experience, “added Gormley.

The sculpture exhibition will also showcase the works of internationally renowned Korean artist Seo Yong-duk. Seo Yong-duk is best known for his surrealistic life-sized sculptures made entirely of chains hand-welded from industrial machinery and bicycles.

Deok recently exhibited on the streets of London as part of the famous Mayfair Sculpture Week.

Ireland’s leading artist, Patrick O’Reilly, has been selected to exhibit at the 2021 event. His work is also prominently exhibited at the Gomlies exhibition.

Other important works on display include Ian Pollock’s new series of crow and key sculptures, 2m high “This Must Be the Place” and “Open All the Rock”. there is.

Pollock said: “The inspiration behind this series lies in the mystery of life and existence.

“Probably the key is used to open and close. In any case, in the two, all life happens.”

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