Singapore-Eight people between the ages of 16 and 27 were charged on Friday (June 24) with allegations of being involved in a DBS phishing scam in which more than 60 people lost more than $ 60,000.

Their alleged crimes include disclosing Singpass details in exchange for money or tricking banks into opening accounts.

The six suspects are Muhammad Farris Zulhelmi Rizal (22 years old), Amani Riuler (24 years old), Muhammad Farhan Shakir Kamis (20 years old), Shaful Lesal Mawi (24 years old), I’m Iskandar Malik (27 years old) and Nuru Farhana Samsuri (18 years old).

The other two suspects, both 16 and 17 Singaporeans, are under the age of 18 and are subject to the Children and Young Persons Act and cannot be named.

Five of them (Muhammad Fariz, Muhammed Farhaan, Iskandar Malik, Nur Farhanah, and 17 years old) provided Singpass details to unknowns for up to $ 1,500.

Police said in a statement Thursday that Singpass details were used by criminals to open a bank account and clean up criminal proceeds from DBS phishing scams.

In the fraud, the victim said that the sender with a name such as “SG-DBS” or “DBS-Notice” blocked the ATM card due to anomalous activity or frozen the bank account due to suspicious activity. Received an unsolicited SMS message. ..

The SMS then instructed the victim to sign in and verify their identity via the embedded link. This actually brought up the spoofing internet banking login page.

Victims will be prompted to enter their login information, bank card details, and one-time password. This allows scammers to access their accounts and run out of funds.

“Some (the five who provided the details of Singpass) did not receive any financial benefit because the credential recipients evaded after successfully opening a bank account,” police said.

An unnamed 16-year-old woman allegedly opened an account at UOB and tricked a bank into thinking she was the only user.

Riuler is said to have committed a similar crime in which a person named Ifa Natasha Mawit was fooling the UOB.

Three men, Muhammad Farris, Shafururu Les Alleuds, and Iskandar Malik, each face additional charges of obstructing the path of justice.

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