The Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) Index broke the 13,000 point barrier by the end of the second trading week of June, adding 299.130 points to the balance, reflecting the direction of its share to the Green Zone. .. Growth rate of 2.340% to reach the level of 13.099 points.
In this regard, financial analyst Nidal Al Khouli reads the weekly development of Qatar Stock Exchange performance, the latter taking advantage of the movements witnessed by liquidity to break the 13,000-point barrier. I confirmed that I was able to do it. Return of local funds for the purchase of shares after a period characterized by a for-profit business and the associated decrease in liquidity.
Al Khouli said in a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the large amount of liquidity injected into the Qatar Stock Exchange this week is hoping that listed Qatar companies will achieve better results. He said it reflects the great confidence of local funding. This year, we explain that there is more demand to buy stock in these companies than last year.
According to the Qatar Stock Exchange Weekly Report, the market value reached QR732.281bn by the end of the week’s trading, recording a 0.75% increase compared to last week’s QR726.799bn level.
Al Khouli points out that the Qatar Stock Exchange index will continue to rise and is expected to exceed the record level recorded earlier this year by the end of the year. The recessive and corrective situation of the aforementioned period related to profit-taking activities and the international economic situation characterized by large fluctuations. “
The report showed that the value of the stock trading for the week ending today reached 3,141 million QR through the sale of 91,813,000 shares carried out by closing 81305 transactions.

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