Graeme McDowell has banned European Tour CEO Key Sperry from following the guidance of PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and banning LIV Golf rebels from the DP World Tour, resulting in participation in the Ryder Cup. I asked for a ban.

The Onahan and PGA Tour moved yesterday, with 17 players including McDowell, Ian Poulter, Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood appearing at LIV Golf London Invitational “without proper competing events and release of media rights.” I stopped that.

It is unclear what Perry can do with the DP World Tour regulation, and McDowell, 42, is preparing for the worst, considering the strategic alliance between the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour.

In the case of McDowell, “I wasn’t too reluctant to do that. To be honest, one in ten of the 17 suspend players informed me that I had resigned from membership on the PGA Tour.” Said. Great care not to be dragged into legal proceedings. “

“I felt like the PGA Tour was about to take a tough stance. We have a strategic alliance. We have a strategic alliance. Excuse me, but will Keith follow suit? He I hope it doesn’t.

“I think he has a great opportunity with many European players and European tour players who want to subsidize their schedule at other events, especially if they are not allowed to play on the PGA Tour.

“I really want the European Tour to make a good decision. Look at this space as they may have to follow what the Jay and PGA Tour are doing.”

LIV Golf responded quickly to the PGA decision. “Today’s announcement on the PGA Tour is compelling and will deepen the gap between the tour and its members,” said Saudi Arabia’s funding organization, led by former world number one Greg Norman.

“It’s annoying that a tour, an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for golfers to play games, is an entity that blocks golfers’ play. This is certainly not the last word on this topic. Being proud, the era of free agencies begins. Having a full field of players to join us in London and beyond. “

McDowell was not surprised by the PGA’s decision and expressed the view that the PGA “must do what they feel is necessary.”

However, he should be allowed to play wherever he likes as an “independent contractor”, ignoring the threat of existence to the PGA presented by the LIV Golf Staging Event on the other side of the US tournament. He claimed to shrink the field and endanger existing television contracts.

After opening with a 4-over 74, McDowell took 34th place in the field of 48 people, 9 shots ahead of leader Charl Schwartzel, “obviously, as I said earlier this week, for the sport. I don’t think it’s healthy. ” At the Centurion Golf Club near London, players are seeking a $ 4 million winning prize.

“We are here because we believe we are an independent contractor. We should be allowed to compete and play around the world. A man like Sergio Garcia is his last five. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve been doing it for the last 20 years of my life without hesitation and without any discussion.

“But we are in the midst of a competitive threat. We have a compelling option, but I don’t agree with a large tour of the world. There are situations. That’s a shame. There’s not much we can do about it, obviously.

“As players, we understand the consequences of what may be in front of us here and we are trying to do our best. The LIV team says we have those potentials. Did a great job of helping to navigate the results, and said, they will stand by us while we go through this process. “

Regarding McDowell’s resignation, “Yes, I actually resigned about 30 minutes before teeing up. It was a difficult decision. I wanted to stay moral and stay a member of the tour. I didn’t think I needed to resign or resign.

“It was a very difficult decision. To be honest, I felt like I was in a situation where there were few proceedings about being unnecessarily drawn into something, so I resigned with great care.

“But as I said, I didn’t want to resign. I love the PGA Tour. That’s great for me. This doesn’t mean that the PGA is a bad tour. This is me. It means that you can add additional opportunities to your golf career. It’s really difficult.

“Unfortunately this will be a short-term pain, but all the players here this week feel like the level of execution we’re seeing, so we make the right decision. I think they’ve only been strengthened with confidence that they’re here, the passion, love they have for golf games at LIV, and that’s why we’re here. Feeling more confident. In the face of the consequences we knew, it was on some sort of horizon. “”

Norman said LIV Golf would assist players in legal objections and pay their costs, but McDowell didn’t seize the opportunity.

“Obviously, we talked to a lawyer,” McDowell said. “We have a great LIV legal team. We have our own legal team. As I said, some players, as I said, will resign and move away from the proceedings. I decided from the careful attention that it is.

“Some people are exactly what I said before, they believe they shouldn’t be in a situation where they have to resign. They’re doing something wrong. I don’t feel like.

“Okay. No release has been published. I think the release should have been published. It has been operating around the world for the last 20 years. I’m in the UK. I myself, Ian Poulter and Lee. Westwood. We are here in our domestic market. We should be allowed to work here as professional golfers.

“But everyone knows that the situation is bigger. It’s competition and it’s not liked. They have to play the game the way they feel they’re playing hardball. It doesn’t become.

“As I say, we are confident that we are well protected and will do our best.”

Sergio GarcĂ­a claimed he wasn’t bothered by the PGA Tour ban, but wouldn’t resign from the DP World Tour.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said Garcia, who wants to spend more time with her two young children, four and two years old. “I was excited about this tour and thought it was a great day. I resigned a week and a half ago, but the PGA Tour isn’t a member, so it doesn’t work.”

Garcia added, “I resigned because I don’t want to have a court battle with anyone. But I haven’t resigned from the European Tour because I still want to be a member. I’m European. I love Europeans. Play for 23 years on the tour. Did.

“Of course, we have to wait for what happens to the European Tour. But I love the event so I want to maintain membership and get a chance to build a Ryder Cup team. But we wait. And see what happens over there. “

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