Liverpool has offered to host the next Eurovision Song Contest in solidarity with Ukraine.

After confirming on Friday that the European Broadcasting Union was looking for another place as the winner of the year, his city soon offered host status, usually the next year’s host Ukraine invaded from Russia. I am fighting with.

The approach to the organizers is taken by Liverpool, the only UNESCO music city in the UK, and the city prepares to develop plans to consider venue options and opportunities to reflect Ukrainian culture in school and community programs. doing.

Liverpool Mayor Joan Anderson said: “We look forward to solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the opportunity for Liverpool to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

“We are an event city and no one can hold a party like us.

“Culture is synonymous with Liverpool, with all boxes checked to host next year, great venues, enviable experiences, world-famous musical heritage, UNESCO music city status, and of course, lose to others. Welcome not a warm scouse.

“We hope that this event will be a light of hope around the world and that Liverpool as an unrivaled music brand will be seriously considered by decision makers.”


An overview of the River Mersey and the Liverpool waterfront (Peterburn, PA).

Britain’s Samrider surpassed the jury trial in Turin in May, while the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra continued to win the overall championship after a symbolic show of public support that soared to the top with 631 points.

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Claire McCorgan, CBE, Director of Culture Liverpool, said:

“It’s a perfect match.

“This city knows how to stage an event, and more importantly, it needs to know how to properly stage an event given the circumstances in which it came to the UK.

“Liverpool promises to do everything it can to mark, praise and promote Ukraine during the event, so that the global platform celebrates its national identity, creativity and extraordinary determination. To be used for. “

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