Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has promised to cancel the controversial increase in national insurance if he becomes a leader of the Tories.

The minister, who is widely expected to be the leading candidate for the already crowded race, has promised to “start tax cuts from day one” to cover his living expenses.

She will be the tenth candidate to launch their campaign, following an announcement from Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt earlier on Sunday.

Other candidates include former Health Ministers Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt, former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, his successor Nadim Zahawi, and Transport Minister Grant Shaps.

Former Minister Chemi Badenoch and senior backbencher Tom Tagendat also threw their hats into the ring.

Mr. Truss’ pledge to abolish the national insurance hike that came into effect in April reflects rival Javid’s pledge.

It shows a departure from Boris Johnson’s advocacy of policy as minister in the Cabinet when he was bound by the collective responsibility of publicly supporting the move before Boris Johnson resigned. increase.

This levy was introduced to raise money for the NHS and social welfare, but has proven to be controversial when households are feeling pressure from rising food and energy prices. ..

Mr. Truss will insist that “paying taxes is not right now” and will take “immediate action” to support his living expenses as a leader.

She said, “We will maintain the competitiveness of corporate tax.” She suggests she wants to see Mr Snack’s plan to raise the tax rate again in April 2023, but not in line with some of her fellow pledges to abandon the rise. There wasn’t. Overall.

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss becomes the tenth candidate to launch the campaign (Stefan Rousseau / PA)

“With long-term plans to reduce the size of the nation and the tax burden, the private sector will grow faster than the public sector,” Mr. Truss said.

As she wrote in The Telegraph, she said:

“We will cancel the increase in national insurance that occurred in April, keep corporate tax competitive, attract business and investment in the UK, and place Covid’s debt on a long-term basis.”

Mr Truss said her plans would put the country back on track to become a “power of high growth and productivity.”

“It’s built on a clear and long-standing conservative philosophy, including bold supply-side reforms,” ​​she added.

Liz Truss and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Henry Nichols / Pennsylvania)

Mr. Truss said he “paved the way” by making the most of Britain’s “newly discovered freedoms” outside the EU, but “more efforts to drive innovation or regulation. We can move further, whether or not we show our own policy. ” ..

She said she would bring “clear and decisive leadership” to Downing Street, adding: I can trust and deliver. “

Mr. Truss said the Tories could win the next election, but admitted that it would be a “difficult battle.”

Mr. Mordant previously announced bids for top jobs, saying British leadership “needs a little less for leaders and more for ships.”

Candidates participated in a Sunday morning broadcast round, with Hunt, Javid, Chaps, and Tugendat appearing to promote the campaign.

Penny Mordaunt said the British leadership “needs a little less for leaders and more for ships” (Aaron Chown / PA).

As the competition for leaders intensified, more Tories declared their loyalty.

Former Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, who was dramatically dismissed by Johnson earlier this week, promised to support Badenock, and Labor and Pension Minister Therese Coffey said he would support Truss.

Andrea Leadsom, who has fought for Tory leaders in the past, supported Mordant.

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