Alden McLaughlin MP

(CNS): Former Prime Minister Alden McLaughlin (RED) is not allowed to play music on Sundays, unlike hotel restaurants and bars, so music to level the stadium of local bars. I requested the government to revise the dance law. In a parliamentary speech last week, McLaughlin said many independent bars owned by the Cayman Islands have lost money because of this.

He tabulated the motion of the first private member since the May 2021 election, changed the law to include these authorized bars, and played low-level music if not externally audible. I asked the government to be able to do it. Restaurants and hotels.

He didn’t know what the rationale was when the law was drafted to not allow regular bars to play music, but it was that bars and restaurants along the Seven Mile Strip played music. “Local bars owned by Kaymania are not allowed to even have background music, without exception,” he said on Sunday, leading to a situation where he could dance.

They were defeated and it led to dissatisfaction, McLaughlin said, his own local bar, known as Country and Western, can’t play music, but anyone gets away and gets in the car. And listen to Seven Miles and music.

The law affects those who go to church because he suspected that anyone who stopped by a liquor licensed facility on Sunday night wouldn’t go to church, even if it should. He said he didn’t think.

When the government accepted the motion, Commerce Minister Andre Ebanks said 58 bars were unfairly affected and he also did not understand the logical reason for excluding these bars. However, he said the law has changed little by little over the years and wants to take a holistic approach to amending the law, including dealing with how the government measures decibels. I did.

However, McLaughlin opposed waiting for the issue of noise level measurement, as it took more than 20 years for the government’s administrative department to devise measures related to external decibels, especially a complete review of the law.

He said the government would need to add a stand-alone bar to the background music offering to solve the music problem. Otherwise, local bars will face more injustice. Over the past few months, police officers have enforced regulations and warned bar owners. Mr McLaughlin said he was definitely informed that police had been instructed to begin enforcing the provision, adding that he was in the bar when this happened.

“If this isn’t dealt with quickly, this will continue to be a very annoying and unfair situation, especially since these are all Cayman Islands facilities,” he said. “I’m afraid when the minister hears that a full overhaul of the bill is needed, because I’m well aware that he may resign before it’s completed,” he said. Said.

Mr McLaughlin was grateful for his support for the government’s motion, but said he was disappointed with the outlined approach and asked the minister to reconsider the issue.

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