The Bermuda-based company is involved in plans to “develop a new class of electric hydrographic vessels powered by fully sustainable energy” for use in locations around the world.

A spokesperson said: [eLC]a company transforming the mobility of people and cargo on water, has announced a collaboration to develop a new class of electric hydrographic vessels powered by fully sustainable energy.

“To design and build this new class of vessels, both companies will combine extensive sustainable energy expertise with a deep understanding and experience in the transportation sector. Focusing on the technical side, Renewable Innovations will help design the vessel’s internal power and battery storage systems, as well as the dockside charging station.”

“There is growing interest in our renewable hydrogen-powered solutions to help companies reach their carbon reduction goals,” said Robert Mount, CEO of Renewable Innovations.

“This is exactly the perfect combination of our battery and hydrogen fuel cell system to deliver the outstanding customer experience that the e-Link Shuttle platform aims to deliver – an odorless, noiseless, zero carbon footprint solution out of the box. use case.

Elink Shuttle Bermuda 17 Aug 2022 (2)

“Whether you’re ferrying across the city’s historic river lanes or cruising the majestic coastal waterways, with no engine noise and no emissions, whether you’re an operator or a commuter, you’ll know how to use this vessel. “Imagine exploring an archipelago of amazing islands by being there. The difference with climate change,” said Andrew Vaucrosson, founder of e-Link.

“If the e-Link shuttle is on a dock, it can be recharged in minutes by simply tethering it to a hydrogen fuel cell powered system,” Mount added. “We have a small portable unit with a single 180 kW charger, or a large EMPOWER system that offers multiple charging stations of 200 kW or more. Renewable Innovations charging systems are grid independent. It works so there is no need to connect to the grid or build expensive and timely grid-connected charging units.”

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