The data reflect that local businesses are ready to stay internships, but young people “actually enjoy more power” in deciding whether to stay in the company, said the Labor Department (DSAL). ) Deputy Director Chan Un Tong told MNA today (Wednesday).

Comments were given at a press conference on “Creating a Better Job Outlook for 2022,” an internship program for local graduates.

The scheme offers a total of 1,780 internship positions by 57 companies in the scheme, covering key industries such as hotels and tourism, public affairs, finance and insurance, construction engineering, medical, air transportation, retail and technology. Cent has no restrictions on the applicant’s major.

Approximately 1,030 slots will start in the first phase and the remaining allocation will depend on the application situation during the period.

The internship lasts for three months and the company pays MOP 8,000 (US $ 989) per month or MOP 50 per hour.

Locals graduating between 2019 and 2022 will be able to register on the DSAL website from today to July 8th.

Wong Sio Kuan, DSAL’s job supervisor, said a total of 1,000 people have completed the internship program over the past two years, of which 599 have been offered full-time positions by the company and eventually 385 have signed the contract. I did. ..

When the Deputy Director of DSAL presented the data to MNA, many companies want to maintain an internship, but the final decision depends on these young people.

Mr. Chan also said that the internship program is “strongly supported” by local businesses and it is difficult to provide such “learning opportunities” during a pandemic.

“The decision to enter the workplace depends on the youth themselves, not the government or businesses,” he emphasized. “Internships are a good learning opportunity and a time to show your abilities. Make companies and they want to keep you.”

Meanwhile, Chan suggested that graduates should write a good resume and consult with a human resources expert.

Regarding the question of increasing internship opportunities for foreign-speaking people, DSAL said more information will be provided later, and needs information about this internship plan in English or Portuguese. People can contact DSAL.

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