Bergan, Switzerland: The world’s longest passenger train – a collection of 100 connected coaches nearly two kilometers long – rolled through the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps on Saturday. Rhaetian Railways (RhB) has announced that it has broken the world record for the longest passenger train at an event marking his 175th anniversary of Switzerland’s famous railway system.

The 1,910 m train consisted of 25 separable multi-unit trains, or 100 carriages, and passed through the Alps in the canton of Graubünden in eastern Switzerland. “For me, this is just Swiss perfection,” RhB chief Renato Fasciati told Blick, his feed live at the event, as the long red train meanders slowly through the mountains. rice field.

Some freight trains are longer than this, some over 3 kilometers, but Saturday’s event was by far the longest passenger train ever run. An RhB spokesman told AFP that it was hundreds of meters longer than the unofficial record-holding train in Belgium in the 1990s. With dazzling sunlight reflecting off its shiny silver roof and a digital destination sign on the front reading “Alpine Cruise,” the train carried his 150 passengers.

Following the spectacular spiral Albula/Bernina route, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we covered approximately 25 km from Preda to Albaneu in less than 45 minutes. About 3,000 people with coveted tickets watched the journey on giant screens near Bergan, the midpoint of the historic journey.

Others lined the trails and trails and cheered as the giant train meandered slowly through the autumn-colored trees. Traveling through 22 spiral tunnels, he crosses 48 bridges along the way. These include the majestic Landwasser Viaduct, which rises 65 meters above the canyon below. Swiss media broadcast aerial footage showing the train on multiple levels simultaneously.

The roads leading to the various lookouts were closed, but many hiked and biked up the mountainside for the best views. As the train traveled down the hillside, a crowd of people on bicycles tried to ride alongside it.

Holding up his Guinness World Records certificate, Faciati told reporters there were considerable difficulties in getting such a long train to run safely. There are 7 drivers and his 21 technicians on board, who have to make sure “all 25 trains accelerate and stop in the same way” at the same time. ,” he said.

Few countries have a denser rail network than Switzerland, famous for its punctual service. The wealthy Alpine country launched its first train service on August 9, 1847, linking Zurich with Baden, 23 km northwest. It took 33 minutes. – AFP

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