Differentiating in a diverse and diverse market is a big challenge, and that’s why we pay professionals so much. All brands are in outstanding competition.

Everything in this world, such as BMW and Audi, has its own shape and appearance. A glance at the badge or grill will quickly show that you are convinced of one thing, brand, whatever the particular model.

It’s not that easy for beginners. I don’t think it’s a step in life.

For this week’s review car, the DS7 Crossback Family SUV, it’s even more difficult because it’s been working so closely with its main brand, Citroen, for a long time.

As long as it goes on, it’s essentially nothing wrong. We all remember Skoda making it thanks to the fact that the model was mainly under the Volkswagen skin.

While essentially paying attention to the fact that the premium attached to the German Marquee car was not charged to Skoda, it was a great marketing in that it gave a sense of security in the support of the car giant.

The message is: Yes, they were cheap, but they didn’t necessarily suffer a lot of loss with the latest technology.

The DS is now emerging as a standalone brand in its own right. There are several models and they are more imminent. Its existence is based on the premise that there is a market among chic and luxurious people with a French arrangement. It effectively becomes a luxury brand of the fast-growing Stellantis Group (Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Jeep). By the way, DS can be an abbreviation for Different Spirit or Distinctive Series.

My black color version probably didn’t work as well as its design line, so it’s a good idea to choose a lighter color – there’s a nice bronze version. Thanks to the large and distinctive grille, the front design is eye-catching.

Maybe things aren’t that energetic at the back. But overall, it’s no exaggeration to say that it looks good with a reasonable effect, and certainly with rivals such as the Audi Q3 (my favorite bit) and the BMW X1 (new version coming soon). it’s different.Volvo XC40 etc.

Now I think it’s more affordable than some of them and works well with the BMW X3, but in this case it’s said not.

The cabin is interesting to say the least, and when I was sunny, I was several times between the two hearts-to see what it was like on the highway and side streets southeast.

Yes, that cabin with an elevator-type angled button on the central console to open the windows worked.

However, the row of buttons running under the infotainment display can be a bit frustrating when trying to do the basics manually. Fortunately, voice control is fully functional and I devised a way to raise my body temperature before I get frostbite in June.

Frankly, I think there are too many buttons. You can halve the number.

The plug-in hybrid system worked fine, although the battery intrusion hit the trunk space a lot. It’s not the biggest boot in its class.

The engine will notify you that it is there when you start. That can be achieved by a little refinement of the front.

The seats were great and I wanted to adjust the steering wheel more, but the driving position was great.

A nice room in the back.

There are some “unique” touches that critics may call gimmicks. This includes how the light rotates 360 degrees and the clock pops up at the top of the dash. It was an hour late, so I had to resist the temptation to eavesdrop on something about the watch.

I was happy with the variety of driving and realized that I had enough power, but I had to use the sport mode to give it a little advantage in handling and riding. .. I think it was built for comfort, not driving dynamics.

This is a bit of a drawback as it is a hot-selling focus area highlighted by some rivals.

Without a doubt, cars have challenges. And arguably, to get the most out of it, you need to be prepared to look at things a little differently. There are pieces of brilliance in the design, and attention to detail, especially around the cabin, is commendable. It has grown up on me.

Do you want to buy? I’m really torn. I want an idea for something different (we enjoyed not being one of the packs because we drove Citroen when they were rare). I want the drive to have a little more edge. But no doubt, this DS7 is certainly different.

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