Love Island’s bomb David chose to couple with Jema at the villa, leaving Liam single and vulnerable to dumping.

The eighth series of hit date shows began on Monday night with ITV2.

In the first episode, David shocked fellow islanders when he entered the villa late and came in and asked, “Did anyone order an Italian treat?”

It soon became apparent that it would take 24 hours for David to decide which girl he wanted to couple with, and eventually one boy had no partner.

At the show on Tuesday night, David chose to couple with the daughter of former English soccer player Michael Owen Jema after meeting dancer and model Tasha and Emergency Medical Page.

Gemma was originally affiliated with 22-year-old student Liam as a result of the first coupling announced by host Laura Whitmore and voted by the British public.

David, a 27-year-old business owner from Rome and living in Manchester, said when he stood in the fire pit before making a choice: Get to know everyone and make the right decisions.

“So I decided to couple with this girl because it’s not just about charm. That is, she’s a great girl, but I felt we were having a really good time. I want to know more about her. “

Jema, who spoke to David in the first half of the episode, revealed that he was a very her type after also expressing reservations for his first partner, Liam.

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Shortly after David revealed his choice, Liam received a text warning the islanders to expect a reunion over the weekend. Meanwhile, the unselected boy is first abandoned from the island.

Tomorrow night’s show will see two new arrivals at Mallorca’s villa. 25-year-old lounge host Afia Tonkmor and 27-year-old actress Ekin-Su Culculoglu.

The British people were given the responsibility to vote for the two boys they think Afia and Ekins should date on arrival.

Elsewhere in the villa, model and dancer Tasha from North Yorkshire found her eyes wandering and revealed that she liked the fish store Luka.

However, she is now affiliated with realtor Andrew, and despite her fascination with Luka, the couple seemed to be on track.

Regarding sharing a bed with Andrew, Tasha said: He smiled a little, then he put my arms around me and we started hugging.

“I felt very good. I was like a Cheshire cat, so I had to stop grinning!”

Later in the episode, the couple shared their first kiss in the fire pit.

Also, during the episode, the islanders participated in the “Declaration” challenge. And it saw the athletes discover each other’s secrets.

Love Island continues Wednesday at 9pm with ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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