Love Island couples Page Thorne and Jack O’Neill struggled to repair their relationship after dropping out of Casa Amor.

The main villa and the Casa Amor islanders reunited during the Thursday night episode, forcing them to choose between staying true to their original partners or throwing them away in one of the bombs.

Problems broke out in paradise after it was revealed that Jack had kissed a shy anchor while Page was in Casa Amor.

After choosing to maintain a relationship with Page, Jack was forced to try to explain his actions to a Welsh emergency doctor at a show on Friday night.

Jack told Page in tears: “If I don’t want it, if I don’t want to keep things going, if I don’t want to hear an apology, it’s sweet.”

Page replied: “I’m still standing here talking to you and trying to understand your Jack. I know where I’m standing and what’s happening.

“And all you are returning to me is immature behavior.”

Later in the show, rugby players took a different approach to regaining Page. He states: “I don’t want to lose you, and it’s as easy as that, and I’m sorry to hurt you.

“I realized I only wanted you … from now on, you’re the only one.”

The composer Page said, “You feel like you’re not ready for relationships. You haven’t reached that level yet … you have to be a better Jack.”

At the beach hut, the seemingly unconvincing Page said: No. “

Elsewhere in the villa, Andrew Le Page and Tasha Gori also struggled to establish their feelings after a tense reunion.

After Andrew discovered that Tasha had doubts about her feelings towards him, the pair, who were the only original couple in the show, both chose to rejoin with the new arrivals of Kokologge and Billy Brown. I was surprised.

After Koko frankly told Tasha about the moment she and Andrew shared, Tasha seemed surprised at what she was hearing.

“It makes me feel like shit,” she said while talking at the beach hut.

“It’s literally like you’re kissing her, so it’s probably like you’re kissing me. It’s not good to hear it.

“I think that’s the most frustrating thing for me. I want to cry but I’m sorry I can’t cry.”

Coco was also surprised by the conversation. “I feel like a mug. I know when people are real and when they aren’t. Don’t draw the girl’s emotions into it.”

As more intimate information about Andrew and Coco’s time together becomes apparent, viewers reach the boiling point between Andrew and Tasha as Andrew prepares to spend the night sleeping outside in the villa’s yard. I witnessed the tension.

Page could hear Tasha telling him, “You need to cut him off.”

As Tasha replied, “Do you really think I’m going back to him?”

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