Youth. I’ve never shouted on the screen as much as this season’s Love Island. why? Mainly due to the double standard on the display.

Look at the situation between David and Ekins. Did she kiss the two during Casa Amor? No, he did. Still, she is the one who is experiencing all the sadness. She is a person who should not be trusted.

OK, so she crawls up to the terrace (literally) to kiss Jay, but she was only there for a rainy week at that time. David was the one who wore socks with Molly while Ekin beat his bed buddy George.

But the most upset was when David was shown to describe Ekin as a “heavy weight” around his neck, and her head immediately headed for it.

Where is their relationship now? Well, Ekin had proper internal organs while David was still banging about Ekin’s “beeeehayvyoooor” like a problem. Then they were pressured by their peers to laugh in the mini-fire pit and kiss Dami, and then they were obliged to fool each other for a tremendous amount of time.

Not so silent in the dam …
The installments of last night’s Mad Movie and the resulting fallout were very spectacular. For example, Dami knew what was coming, but felt he had the right to throw shade from the offset even after the Ekin-Su video snippet was aired.

This is from a boy who suggested a three-way kiss and was hiding in the summer during the casa.

Still, for some reason, he was able to lower the viewer’s total estimate later in the episode on Monday night. He called in the summer to reveal a three-way kiss from Casa to Indiya and its connection. It’s summer gone, after pointing out that summer led her, Dami said, “Summer, you thought you were real … you’re a fake, man, shut up, man.” It ended with saying, “It’s all in her head.” ..

Instead of running towards the hill, Indiya took time to process the procedure before returning to her arms. I can only think she was still shocked.

Dami finally pulled the summer and, sorry, sorry, but apologized chat. So she had to remind him to actually say sorry.

Luke dominates Jema …
It was Bish who also suffered from the major incidents of Tis One Rule For You and Another For Me-itus. Despite being told by the girls, “He put everyone on the egged bus (in Casa), he was able to keep him squeaky clean,” he still felt struggling. rice field.

Today’s video

And I thought Jack was the answer to Jake this season.

Appropriate things began when Jema and Billy were shown to be engaged in that rather calm moment of flirt while ridiculing potato chips in the kitchen. Luke was smoking very much after seeing the clip, he could only say “I’m smoking”.

Be careful, he also managed to spit: “Smile on her face and look at her. Embarrassment”, it wasn’t anxious at all. After that, all the boys suggested, “Billy wouldn’t try if he didn’t think he had a chance.” Next, “No means yes”?

In short, we live in a world where ADAM is “flagged with the help of British women” and COLLARD comes across as the most respected boy in the villa. How did we get here in the name of all the holy things?

I smoked and blew tonight …
There are more and more challenges this week, with more than two challenges in the last 24 hours.

Exercise 2 is an old chestnut that sucks the card when handing it to the next person by mouth. Anyone who drops a card must dare to drop it.

Indiya made it her boss, thanks in part to her “strong lip gloss.” Luke had to get Adam to explain what it means to ride his coattail (in this case, who is using his partner to advance to the finals and land a lot of cash).

Not surprisingly, Luka chose Tasha. Well, and Dami rubbed him because he thought he was the most roamed by his partner. Andrew tried to get up, but he was bullied and submitted.

Other places …
Digi wants to “put 100pc” in Danica. His words, not my words. Apparently, he sees her as her “wife-like material,” so she started interviewing his life and he went pretty well. He certainly impressed Twitter.

And let’s face it, Billy pulled Josh completely and began to pay attention to Danica. Because a) she is the only bachelor there and b) he sees how flexible she is in the gym. So they groped a bit under the cover – she explained as a kiss (at first) while she said, “touched his pipette,” and he returned his favor. rice field.

Later, she admitted to Indiya and Summer that the salon opened and both were clients. Meanwhile, at the beach hut, Billy admitted that he didn’t know if it was her. sound.

Finally, it was time for Snog, Marry and Pie. Edited version: Luca and Dami got all the pies (Indiyah also pieted her partner) and Adam got all the snobs. How did the girl fair? She has to wait until tomorrow night.

The overall atmosphere …

Important point …

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