As Indiya questions the future of her current couple, love island villas are beginning to crack.

Since the series began earlier this month, Hôtel waitress Indiyapolak, 23, has partnered with Ikena Ekwonna, 23, a pharmaceutical sales specialist.

In the Monday night episode, Indiya continues to work on her feelings for Ikena while the pair struggles to build a strong connection.

Indiya tells Ikena in a conversation:

Addition: “Obviously we’ve been here for about two weeks and have come to know each other, but it’s an observation from me. I feel I need to know more about you and connect more. increase.”

After Indiya reveals her feelings, Ikena asks, “Do you feel like something is missing?”

Indiya replies: “Yes, but don’t you know if you feel the same?”

Feeling the connection between his partner and senior microbiologist Dami Hope, Ikena tells Indiya:

Ikena’s claim doesn’t seem groundless, as 26-year-old Dami chats with Indiya later in the episode and asks, “Do you feel we have a connection?”

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Later in the conversation, Indy told Dami, who is currently working with a 24-year-old nanny, Amber Beckford. It was you, but we didn’t follow that path. “

Dami seems to be making a round trip, explaining to Indiya:

Elsewhere in the villa, things are getting hot between paramedic Pagethorn and rugby player Jack O’Neill.

The paired relationship that joined last week continued to bloom when someone talked about sweeping your feet. Jack tells Page: “Like I was with you?”

Swansea-born Page asks, “Do you think you wiped me out of my feet?”

Jack replies: I am enjoying it with you. “

Page agrees: “Yes, so far it has been easy to ride with us.”

In an episode on Monday night, islanders will find that the British public is voting for their favorite boys and girls in their villas. The person with the least votes is at risk of being abandoned from the island tonight.

Love Island continues at 9 pm with ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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