Jack O’Neill has left his villa on Love Island, ITV has announced.

The shocking exit of the rugby player occurs after Page continues to attempt to regain Pagethorn after it is revealed that he kissed Shy Anchor while in Casa Amor.

A love island spokesman said: He explains his reason to the islanders during tonight’s episode.

“We fully support his decision and look forward to Jack’s next:”

In the Monday episode, Adam Corrado is back. A fellow contestant said 23-year-old Jack was “very scared” of his new arrival as to how happy Page looked when he was talking to him shortly after admission.

Adam and Page were later seen discussing the need to “train boyfriends” to relax together by the pool and build relationships with “boyfriend materials.”

Adam’s arrival came the day after Jack and Page survived the dramatic dumping. It marked the end of Jay Younger and China Ellis.

Jack then set Page aside and read to her the emotional message he created on his cell phone. The pair seems to be set to reconcile.

However, after Jack was forced to explain to Welsh rescuers why she kissed Cheyenne while she was away, they endured several days of turmoil in the villa.

Jack explains his decision to leave for tonight’s episode of the ITV2 date show.

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