Luka of Love Island faced Andrew to “sneak in” following tensions over fellow Islander Tasha.

Fish store Luka Bish, 23, said she was “angry” when she learned that 27-year-old realtor Andrew Le Page was modeled after Tasha Gori’s “top three.”

During the episode, Andrew, who is associated with Tasha, told her that Luka had stated that she wasn’t in his top three picks among all the girls in the villa.

2022 Love Island Contestants (ITV / PA)

Tasha confronted Luka. Luke said, “Of course you are there. Don’t worry.”

Luka spoke at the beach hut and said, “Andrew hurt me a little.”

Later in the episode, Luka told Page that he was “sneaking me” and would face Andrew.

He added: I was angry when Tasha told me.

“There is no explanation for that.”

Andrew left the bar in the evening to chat and told Luka: I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart, but I didn’t even think straight.

“It was an honest mistake. I never wanted to risk someone’s chances with other girls, especially my fellow guys. It’s very important to me. I never. We don’t do that intentionally. “

Later at the beach hut, Luke said that the most important thing for him was not to feel awkward at the villa, he was a “lover, not a fighter” and Andrew listened to him. As long as he is, he is “happy.”

Meanwhile, in the episode, the villa learned that the public voted to go on a date with the arrival of both new bombs at Liam.

A Welsh contestant, 22, was left unprotected after the love island bomb David chose to form a coupe with Jema at his villa on Tuesday.

27-year-old Essex actress Ekin-Su Culculoglu and fellow new entry Afia Tonkmor, a 25-year-old lounge host at London’s private member club, will date Liam in the next episode of the ITV2 date show.

Senior microbiologist Dami Hope, 26, and 24-year-old nanny Amber Beckford also kissed in an episode of the ITV show on Wednesday.

A kiss came after Dami told Amber “too serious”. She asked to see more of the fun side of his personality.

Dami, chatting at the bar in the evening, said: I can see your eyes looking at me, and I keep thinking, am I in trouble? “

Amber said: “You see me looking at you! I’m intrigued by you. I’m trying to understand what you’re thinking.”

Dami asked: “What am I thinking now?” Amber replied: please tell me. “

Dami said, “I can’t tell you, but I can show you,” before the couple gave their first kiss.

Elsewhere in the show, 19-year-old international dressage rider and business owner Jema Owen chooses to couple her with David Sancrimenti, 27, from Rome, a love island bomb. After that, she said she was “really happy.”

David spoke at the beach hut and added: I feel like there is something good between us. “

Later in the show, Jema receives a text like this: “Jema and David, it’s your first date time. Get ready to leave the villa. #SimplyTheZest #FirstDateVibes”

Jema spoke in a beach hat before the date and said, “Hopefully we can have another good chat and I can know a little more about him and have that good energy.” rice field.

The pair leave the villa and arrive at a picturesque place for a date to make their own lemonade.

During the date, the story turned into marriage, and Jema revealed that she wanted to get married and have four children.

Jema’s father, former Liverpool striker Michael Owen, 42, “avoids” Love Island while acting as a critic for a match against Germany in England’s Nations League on Tuesday night. He joked that he went “all the way to Germany” to do so.

Channel 4 presenter Jules Bleach asked him about Love Island when he was introduced as a critic of Channel 4’s live coverage of the expected soccer match.

He states:

“Michael Owen is with us. It was a big night for Owen last night. Michael, how are you feeling today?”

Owen replied: “Jule, I’ve been coming to Germany all the time and tried to avoid going home. You brought it out right away.”

He added: “I feel okay, thank you. This is captivating to me, so don’t undo it.”

Love Island follows ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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