645,000 people live in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg was able to increase its growing population while the rest of the European Union continued to shed its inhabitants, data from Brock’s statistic agency showed on Monday.

According to Eurostat, the Grand Duchy gained more than 10,000 inhabitants in 2021 and lost 170,000 inhabitants throughout the EU.

It is the second consecutive year that the population of Brock has decreased, mainly due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Eurostat, more than 446 million people live in blocks in 27 countries.

A total of 10 countries have recorded population declines, with Italy reporting the largest decline of more than 250,000. Population increased in 17 other EU countries, with the largest increase in France (185,900) and the smallest increase in Estonia (1,700).

According to Eurostat, most of the increase was due to immigrants. Population has grown naturally in just eight member countries, including Luxembourg, which has 2,000 more deaths than in 2021.

Luxembourg’s population reached pre-pandemic levels at the end of last year, Statec of the National Bureau of Statistics said in April it had more than 645,000 inhabitants.

The Grand Duchy has the youngest population in the EU, with an average age of 39, Eurostat said earlier this year. According to another Eurostat survey last year, the country has the second lowest proportion of the population in the block over the age of 65.

The relatively low proportion of pensioners in the Grand Duchy is probably due to the country’s attractiveness to people of working age.

Luxembourg’s outstanding position as financial capital, along with its vibrant job market, high salaries and living standards, continues to attract immigrants from elsewhere in Europe and around the world.

As of the end of last year, the city of Luxembourg has a population of just under 130,000, and the number of people living in the capital has increased by more than 40% in 10 years. There are 167 different nationalities in the city, and 7 out of 10 inhabitants were not born in the Grand Duchy.

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