Lycée Francais de Koweit, a private school in Kuwait, France, celebrated the graduation of high school students from 2021 to 2022 at a ceremony held at a school theater in Salmiya under the auspices of French ambassador Claire Le Freischer. .. Chargé d’Affaires Fanny Foncairn of the French Embassy, ​​Benoit Katala, the cultural counselor of the French Embassy, ​​Mona Al Khaled and Dr. Fahd Al-Rashed, the owners of the French school, parents, and the educational administration of the school.

The ceremony began with a speech by the school principal, Marcial Atias. He wishes his students a wonderful future, “I am very concerned about the evaluation and preparation of secondary school because the 10th grade study was suddenly stopped due to the corona pandemic. The school continues all year round, Despite all the challenges we faced, we were able to attend and take the exam while maintaining good health, and we were able to reliably evaluate you, and this is your diligence. It wouldn’t have happened without it, commitment and trust in the school. “

On her side, the school owner, Mona al-Khaled, decided to graduate from a group of students from a French school, especially after the difficult situation faced by everyone and the closure of the Corona pandemic. Expressed happiness.

“We are following the French system and the curriculum is permanently changing. We hope that this will increase the number of students in Kuwait at school as it will teach students four languages ​​and increase the opportunities for graduates. Of all levels of French schools, “she said.

Meanwhile, cultural counselor Katara said that her cooperation with Kuwait in education is historic and dates back to 1966, when French, considered the third most popular language, was first taught in Kuwaiti schools. Said.

“For the past 52 years, French has clearly developed in public schools in Kuwait,” he explained. “The University of Kuwait, which was introduced about 10 years ago, also has a French department.”

Katara recently unveiled a memorandum of understanding to increase the number of French learners at Kuwait Public Schools at a press conference on the sidelines of the school’s graduation ceremony for students. We also offer French lessons for both beginners and those who want to deepen their knowledge of French.

Katara describes the growing number of college students in Kuwait in France: But now, the French Institute in Kuwait has reopened its university office in Kuwait in January to help those who want to study in France.

“There are about 180 students studying in accredited universities and research institutes in France, and this number is considered good. Nevertheless, between us and the Ministry of Higher Education, and The cooperation between us and the French Student Association of Kuwait and the Cultural Office of Paris is constantly evolving to increase the proportion of students in Kuwait who want to study in France. ” Katara.

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