In Hengqin and Macau’s Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone, cross-border fireworks shows are set to fly over the Golden Week holidays of National Day in early October.

Two launch points will be set up in the waters of Zhuhai and Macau, and the design and placement of the fireworks show will be specially made so that the fireworks launched at the two sites correspond to each other.

In addition, during the week-long holiday starting from the National Day on October 1st, a light and water show will be held on the Tianmu River in Hengqin. element.

The zone will also host other tourism, cultural and sporting activities in Hengqin for the rest of the year. This includes his four Tai Chi (known as traditional Chinese shadow boxing) training courses, each containing 12 lessons, as well as yoga and coffee maker courses.

The zone’s livelihood bureau also plans to host the Hengqin Tianmu River Grassland Music Festival and some badminton competitions to attract more arts and sports development in Hengqin.

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