The Chinese government yesterday called on Washington to lift technology export restrictions after chip designer Nvidia Corp. said the launch of new products was delayed and some work could be moved out of China.

The latest regulations have heightened tensions between the US and China over technology and security. American officials say we need to limit the spread of technology that can be used to make weapons.

Nvidia was told Friday that it would need a license from the US government to export products that match or exceed the company’s A100 graphics processing chip to China, Hong Kong or Russia. A100 buyers and his new H100 development could be affected, he said.

China’s Ministry of Commerce has accused Washington of abusing export controls to restrict semiconductor sales to China. He said trade restrictions would disrupt supply chains and the global economic recovery.

“China is firmly opposed to this,” said foreign ministry spokesman Xu Jueting.

“The U.S. side should immediately end its wrong practices, treat companies in all countries, including China, equally, and do more to contribute to global economic stability.”

U.S. officials are increasingly concerned that Chinese technological developments are both a strategic threat and a potential challenge to U.S. industrial leadership.

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