The cooler temperatures helped firefighters stabilize wildfires in northwestern Spain yesterday.

A fire in the Sierra Decrebra Mountains in Zamora has burned 31,000 hectares so far. Efe, a state news agency, said it was the largest on record since a fire broke out in southwestern Welba in 2004.

Zamora’s fire was not completely controlled, but the flames were gone and the fire no longer spread, officials said.

The rise in temperature allowed about 650 firefighters, supported by water-discarding aircraft, to establish a line around the fire that began on Wednesday. In the past week, people in 18 villages had to evacuate.

Elsewhere, 900 people have been evacuated from 13 villages in northern Navarra, where two wildfires are still ongoing.

In Germany, yesterday’s heavy showers helped largely extinguish two large wildfires about 20 km southwest of Berlin. Officials said they were able to return to their homes after hundreds of people were evacuated as a weekend precaution. The road has also been reopened.

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