FROM All of his retiring British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his populist campaign to draw Britain out of the block and reaffirm the post-Brexit trade agreement he signed in his days of agitating anti-European Union sentiment in exaggerated newspaper articles. For many years it has been a source of trouble for Brussels.

His influence on breaking the bond between Britain and the EU was so, as the news brought little public delight to the EU world after Johnson was forced to announce his resignation on Thursday. .. Instead, there was the inevitable and insensitive acceptance of resignation that things would never be the same.

France’s Treasury Minister Bruno Le Mer has emphasized invisible contempt since Europeans welcomed President Donald Trump’s defeat in the US elections in 2020, “don’t miss him.” Said. According to politicians and experts, Mr. Biden should not expect anything similar to the new British leader.

“The appointment of the new Prime Minister will leave little change to the UK government’s position on the major Brexit issues that are causing the current division,” said David McAllister, a major EU legislator dealing with the United Kingdom. “.

Guy Verhofstadt, EU’s top parliamentarian for the entire Brexit divorce process, said Johnson’s influence is unlikely to move in a radically different direction for other Conservative prime ministers.

“No one has the illusion that Johnson’s departure from Downing Street has solved the fundamental problem of British-EU relations,” Verhofstadt wrote in a Guardian opinion piece. “Through the projects he instrumented to achieve power, the damages inflicted by the retiring Prime Minister will continue to live.”

Since joining the block in 1973, the United Kingdom has always been a half-hearted EU member state. When Johnson joined the Brussels press about 30 years ago, he often captivated readers of his home with a story with two basic elements. Wright, and they had little to do with reality.

As a conservative politician, he put weight behind the debate about leaving the block in the 2016 referendum on the UK’s EU member states. Johnson sometimes ignored the facts and used his refreshing attitude and joke style to market the benefits of withdrawal from the EU. He was the key to winning the Brexit campaign on the cliffs of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Still, the contempt was never deeper than earlier this year, when he began to unilaterally rewrite some of the post-Brexit deals he signed with Block in 27 countries. The agreement has set up a special system in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, allowing trade with the EU member state of the Republic of Ireland to continue without setting physical boundaries.

“I was there facing him. EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier recalled Friday and was still confused by Johnson’s tactics.

“The damage to the reputation of countries and societies that have long been proud of the deep culture of” my words are my bonds, “without a written contract, not to mention international treaties, was enormous,” said Europa-Center. Michael Emerson said. Policy research.

A bill that unilaterally breaks the Northern Ireland trade agreement is still in the House of Commons, leaving some protracted hope that London may retreat from the brink.

“They have this law in Congress, so they’re taking a step in that direction, but they’re not crossing the line,” he said. Jan Lipavsky, the Czech Foreign Minister, who is the EU Presidency and more widely known as the Czech Republic in English, said.

Still, a glance at potential candidates to take over stimulates hope for fundamental change, as it includes several Conservatives who have been immersed in Johnson’s conflicting Brexit strategy for years. There is nothing to do.

Rem Corteweg of the Clingendael Institute in The Hague, The Netherlands, said: “The Conservatives have the dominant core of Brexit, which must be persuaded to become prime minister.”

While Brexit’s first years produced more than just the benefits Johnson promised, all possible quests to bring Britain back to the EU were just as good as out of the question, and now the major opposition Labor Party is The focus is on getting the most out of Brexit. The situation instead.

The EU does not even want to open its arms and welcome the country.

In Ukraine, “their plates are full,” Korteweg said, with economic and immigration issues that have spurred inflation. “They aren’t really waiting for discussions with British people looking for exceptions and tax exemptions anyway,” he said.

Barnier, who has led the EU for years in Brexit negotiations, doesn’t think it’s happening either.

“It’s not an immediate problem,” Barnier said in Sud Radio. “Frankly, what we need is a state of respect for the treaties negotiated by the British Government.”


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