Sface Media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok have failed to thwart hatred and threats to LGBTQ users, a report published Wednesday by advocacy group GLAAD was found.

These are some of the most vulnerable users on the Internet, and the majority of LGBTQ people say they faced menacing posts and comments while scrolling through social media. However, it is unclear how social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube handle these threats.

Instead of protecting users, GLAAD protects information about responding to these attacks in its reports, detailing how often posts and accounts are deleted that impose malicious language or harass LGBTQ users. It says that it has hardly revealed.

“In reality, there is little transparency and accountability,” said Jenni Olson, GLAAD’s director of social media safety and report author. “And people feel helpless.”

Los Angeles-based gay musician Peter Sapinsky said he was harassed in the online gaming community and associatedPress screenshots of dozens of messages sent to YouTube about users and videos of racist and homosexual slurs. I shared it with. He said YouTube only responded to some messages.

29-year-old Sapinsky said some people are using YouTube to livestream themselves harassing people in the pride parade. He said they would immediately remove those live videos after wrapping to avoid being detected by YouTube as violating the policy for hate speech. He has listed a series of homosexual slurs heard in videos posted by users who still run the site.

“YouTube doesn’t do anything about it,” Sapinsky said. “For those who say they don’t allow hatred on websites, they do.”

Hateful or violent speech to members of the LGBTQ community is banned on the platform, according to YouTube spokesman Jack Maron.

“Over the last few years, we have significantly improved our ability to quickly remove harassment and harassing content,” says Maron. “This work is underway. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback from GLAAD.”

A Twitter spokeswoman said in a statement that the company is discussing the findings of the report with GLAAD. The TikTok statement did not mention the report directly, but said the company is working to build a “comprehensive environment.”

GLAAD recommended that the platform begin releasing accounts and post counts that companies will delete because they violate content moderator training methods and rules designed to protect LGBTQ users.

The GLAAD report examines the policies and actions Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter have implemented for LGBTQ issues.

All social media platforms outline policies designed to prevent LGBTQ users from being harassed, threatened or discriminated against because of the identities of other users.

Twitter and TikTok prohibit deadnaming that intentionally misleads gender, uses wrong pronouns to describe someone, for example, or revives a transgender person’s name before moving to a new identity. There are also specific policies. Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, said it would remove similar posts on request. AMANDA SEITZ, WASHINGTON, MDT / AP

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