Pope Francis mourned the killings of two of his “brother” Jesuits, apparently shot in a remote Mexican church by members of a drug gang, and exploded the violence that plagued Mexico yesterday.

Francis, the Jesuits of Argentina, prayed to the Jesuit community at the end of the weekly general audience, saying he was “sad and discouraged” about the killings in the mountainous province of Chihuahua, Mexico.

“Why is the murder happening in Mexico!” He said. “Again, violence does not solve the problem, it only increases useless suffering.”

Javier Campos Morales, 79, and Joakin Cesar Mora Salazar, 80, were killed in a church in Sero Kahui on Monday. Officials said a man chased by a drug gang seemed to have evacuated to church, and members of the gang killed him and the priest when he found him.

Francis has long accused the “death dealer” of serving drug addicts and fueling drug trade when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

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