Candidates He will replace Boris Johnson as the British Prime Minister has scattered promises of tax cuts to Conservative voters.

Lesser-known Deputy Secretary Rehman Chishti is the eleventh candidate to take over Johnson, who resigned as a Conservative leader Thursday, in a party rebellion triggered by months of ethical scandals. became. Other candidates include Secretary of Foreign Affairs Liz Truss, Treasury Secretary Nadim Zahawi, Former Secretary of Health Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt, and Backbench MPs Tom Tajendat and Chemi Badenoch.

The new leader will be elected in a two-stage election. In this election, 358 Conservatives will reduce the race to two candidates through a series of exclusion votes. The final pair will be voted by party members across the country. Under the British parliamentary system, new leaders automatically become prime ministers without the need for a general election.

The 1922 committee of the party that runs the leadership contest was set up yesterday to elect new executives to set the rules for the contest. The Commission wants to complete the parliamentary phase of the election before the legislators take a break in the summer of July 21st. This means the second round of summer when the House of Commons will return on September 5th with new leaders. Jill Laures, London, MDT / AP

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