Multiple rocket launchers from the Donetsk People’s Republic of the People’s Corps will be launched on the territory of the DPR administration in eastern Ukraine, not far from Pantereimonifka.

Day The next day, Russia is making slow but steady progress to attack Ukraine’s Donbas region with relentless artillery and air raids to occupy the industrial center of the neighboring country.

The conflict is in its fourth month and is a high stakes campaign that can set the course for the entire war.

If Russia wins the Battle of Donbas, it is the way Ukraine loses not only the land, but perhaps most of its most capable army, Moscow gains more territory and directs Kieu to its terms. Means to open. Russia’s failure could lay the groundwork for Ukraine’s counterattack and could lead to political turmoil in the Kremlin.

Following an early unsuccessful attempt at an invasion to occupy the second largest cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv without proper planning and coordination, Russia has Moscow-backed separatists fighting Ukrainian troops since 2014. Attention was focused on Donbus, an area of ​​mine and factories.

Russia has learned from previous mistakes and has relied on long-range artillery to soften Ukraine’s defenses, stepping more cautiously there.

It seems to be working. Well-equipped Russian troops make a profit in both the Luhansk and Donetsk regions that make up Donbus, controlling more than 95% of the former and about half of the latter.

Ukraine loses 100 to 200 soldiers a day, Presidential adviser Mihairo Podriak told the BBC, because Russia “throws almost everything but nuclear weapons to the front.” President Volodymyr Zelensky previously had a maximum of 100 deaths per day.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Olexi Reznikov said, “Moloch in Russia has many ways to devour human life to fill the ego of the empire,” using references to ancient sacrificial gods to describe the fighting situation. He explained that it was “very difficult”.

When the war was terrible for Russia, many may claim victory after President Vladimir Putin gained some profit in Donbus, and escape from the conflict that seriously damaged the economy and extended its resources. I thought it wasn’t. However, the Kremlin revealed that Ukraine expects to recognize all the benefits Russia has achieved since the invasion began — what Kieu excluded.

Russian troops control the entire Sea of ​​Azov coast, including Mariupol’s strategic port, the entire Kherson region, which is an important gateway to Crimea, and most of the Zaporizhia region, which may help further push into Ukraine. I am. Putin will stop.

On Thursday, he drew similarities between the Ukrainian conflict and the 18th-century war with Sweden by Peter the Great. Now, like those strange times, “many of us are regaining and consolidating historic Russian lands,” Putin said. Moscow has long regarded Ukraine as part of its sphere of influence.

Unlike previous battlefield failures, Russia seems to be using more conservative tactics. Many expected to siege Ukrainian troops with large-scale pinch movements from the north and south, but instead used a series of small movements to force a retreat and overload the supply line. I didn’t extend it.

Keir Giles, a Russian expert at the Chatham House think tank in London, said Russia “advanced by concentrating all artillery on one section of the front line and flattening everything in its path.”

Western officials still admire Ukrainian troops’ ability to defend their country, fighting back violently, relying on cannons as well, and withdrawing in some sections, launching frequent counterattacks.

“Ukraine is pursuing a flexible defense policy, not holding every corner of its territory, but justifying it where it makes sense,” Giles said.

A senior Western official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss sensitive issues in public, said the Russian campaign “continues to have serious problems at all levels” and the Moscow army. Tactical goals such as occupying individual villages, stating that “we are spending weeks trying to achieve modest ones.” “

Last month, the Russians crossed the Donets River and lost almost the entire battalion in a failed attempt to set up a bridgehead. Hundreds of people were killed and dozens of armored vehicles were destroyed.

“There is a sense of strategic improvisation and confusion,” officials said, saying that during the summer Russian troops could reach “a point where they can no longer effectively generate offensive combat power.” I predicted.

Russia has a clear advantage over artillery in the Battle of Donbas, thanks to more heavy howitzers, rocket launchers, and abundant ammunition. Ukrainians had to use their artillery economically, and Russians were always targeting their supply lines.

Ukraine has begun to receive more heavy weapons from its Western allies, which have provided dozens of howitzers, and is currently planning to launch multiple rocket launchers.

Putin warned that if the West gave Kyiv a long-range rocket that could attack Russian territory, Moscow could attack a previously generous Ukrainian target. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also said Russia could respond by seizing more land from such weapons as a buffer zone.

The early acquisition of Moscow’s territory in the south, including most of the Zaporizhia region adjacent to the Helson region, has led Russian officials and their local appointees to fold these regions into Russia or to be so independent. Encouraged to ponder the plan to declare-called the “People’s Republic” of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Ukrainian officials and Western analysts have expressed concern that Moscow could try to push the attack further north into the densely populated and industrialized Dnipro region.

“Russia’s purpose in the context of this war is changing in relation to the situation in the field,” said Eleonora Tafro Ambrosetti, an analyst at the Italian Institute for International Political Science, based in Milan.

“Their goals are flexible enough to adapt to ground conditions,” she said, damaging the Ukrainian economy by Russia occupying the entire coastline and denying access to shipping. He said he might try to give.

Top Russian generals have already talked about plans to separate Ukraine from the Black Sea by occupying the Mykolaiv and Odesa regions up to the Romanian border. This will also allow Moscow to build a land route to the separatist region of Moldova. Transnistoria hosting a Russian military base. MDT / AP

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