The The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed concern on increasing violence around the capital of Haiti on Saturday, reporting that 99 people were killed in a recent battle between rival gangs in the Cité Soleil area alone.

The warning calls on the UN Security Council to renew the mission of UN offices in troubled Caribbean countries and stop the transfer of firearms, light weapons and ammunition to support gang violence and criminals. It took place hours after the unanimous approval of the resolutions sought by all countries. activity.

The UN Humanitarian Aid Agency said it was ready to help the embarrassed community if it was safe, and Jeremy Lawrence, a spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, explained these dangers.

“So far, from January to the end of June, we have recorded 934 killings, 684 injuries and 680 kidnappings throughout the capital,” he said on Saturday. “In the five days from July 8th to 12th, at least 234 people were killed or injured in gang-related violence in the city’s Cité Soleil area.”

He said most of the victims were “not directly involved in the gang” but were targeted by them.

Separately, the United Nations Office for the Humanitarian Affairs reported that 99 of the recent casualties in Cité Soleil have died.

Lawrence called on gangs to stop violence and at the same time urged Haitian authorities to ensure that basic human rights were “at the forefront and center of response to the crisis. With increased human rights surveillance and reporting. The fight against impunity and sexual violence must continue to be a priority, “he said.

A Security Council resolution drafted by the United States and Mexico was approved 15-0 on Friday. It demanded an immediate suspension of gang violence and criminal activity — a point highlighted by China.

“Heavy-armed gangs are increasingly sophisticated in their actions, with collaborative and systematic attacks in different areas at the same time,” said Lawrence.

According to him, the government has a duty to protect the right to life of its citizens from threats from private organizations.

UN agencies said some gangs have denied access to drinking water and food to control their population, exacerbating malnutrition.

US Deputy Ambassador Richard Mills said the new resolution would enable the United Nations mission to facilitate political dialogue, curb gang violence and strengthen the Haiti National Police’s ability to protect human rights. rice field.

A year after the unresolved assassination of President Jovenel Moise, gang violence was exacerbated and many Haitians sought to flee a country that appeared to be in financial and social freedom. Attempts to establish a coalition government have failed, and efforts to hold a general election have been stalled.

The United Nations has been involved in turning Haiti on and off since 1990, and the last UN peacekeeping operation took place domestically from 2004 to October 2017. Currently, the political mission there is advising the Haitian government on promoting political stability and good governance. MDT / AP

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