Russia’s top counterintelligence agency yesterday accused Ukrainian intelligence of orchestrating the murder of the daughter of the leader of Russia’s nationalist ideology in a car bombing outside Moscow.

Daria Dugin, 29, the daughter of philosopher, author and political theorist Alexander Dugin, who some in the West have described as “Putin’s brain”, was driving in an SUV on Saturday night. A planted explosive device exploded and killed him.

The KGB’s successor, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), said Dugina’s murder was “prepared and carried out by Ukrainian special services.”

On Sunday, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhail Podlyak denied Ukraine’s involvement in the killing.

In a statement on Monday, the FSB accused Ukrainian citizen Natalia Vofuk of carrying out the killing and then fleeing Russia to Estonia.

The suspect, Natalia Vovuk, arrived in Russia with her 12-year-old daughter in July and rented an apartment in the building where Dugina lived, according to the FSB. Vovk and her daughter had attended a nationalist celebration attended by Alexander Dugin and his daughter shortly before the murder.

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