Employers are required to “stay” at home or elsewhere to help with household affairs and arrange “depending on the accommodation environment”.

The Labor Department also said it hopes that domestic helpers will “fully cooperate in arranging accommodation for employers” and help prevent Covid-19.

In cooperation with the government’s Covid-19 preventive work, the Department urged both employers and employees to understand, communicate and overcome difficulties together.

Residents and non-resident employees who violate the rule of not wearing a KN95 face mask on the go or on the go will be punished by imprisonment or fines of up to two years in accordance with the Infectious Disease Prevention, Management and Treatment Act. Will be.

In addition, because pandemic prevention is currently in a “crisis stage,” the agency needs to “avoid or reduce as much as possible” non-essential crowd activities in order to minimize the flow of people within the community. Reminded the people. Macau Post Daily reported on the risk of spreading the virus.

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