Macau faces the harsh outlook for an additional week of partial lockdown, three more nucleic acid tests (NATs), and zero total gambling revenue (GGR) from closed casinos. It is exacerbating the financial predicament.

Today, 37 patients have been released from the hospital, with a total of 319 released since the outbreak in June, with 1,706 confirmed cases in the city.

Starting Monday, 69 test stations, including seven mobile buses, will retest to identify Covid-19 Omicron variants that have devastated life in the city since June 18. ..

The care station opens at 6 am for children under 6 years old, people over 70 years old, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Seven major groups of security, cleaning, asset management, catering, public bus and taxi drivers, takeaway deliverers and courier companies, and domestic workers need to do NAT daily.

Attorney General Andre Chung Wen Chung said: “The government is well aware of the difficulties that the public is suffering from, but we need to be aware of the consequences we may face if we mitigate antivirus measures.

“The virus infects so quickly that we can’t relax. Relaxing can lead to undesired and unexpected consequences.”

Chung said the goal was to reduce the chain of communication so that the community could reach Covid Zero and return to normal life.

“We are integrating measures. It is up to medical services to decide which facilities can be opened and closed if measures are mitigated during the integration.”

Chung expressed little sympathy for the dog owner who demanded permission. Exercise their peFor hygiene reasons, only for a short time each day. He commented that the old man and children were also trapped in their home during the partial blockade.

“Pet owners need to be a little ready to suffer,” he concludes.

Secretariat for Social Affairs Elsie Ao Ieong said the NAT and rapid antigen testing system was so effective that it would continue next week as it reduced cases to single digits.

“Current measures will affect population, economy and migration to mainland China, but they are needed to return to normal life in the community,” she said.

“It’s an important time in the community to fight the virus and eliminate cases. As a responsible government, we need to continue these steps.

“During the integration period, we will reduce the number of cases, find out the reason for the transmission, break the transmission chain, and start in stages.

A spokeswoman for Unitary Police Services, Chung Kin Iam, was fined 4,800 MOP for smoking and not wearing a mask at a daily Covid-19 briefing for a 52-year-old man named Kou. I announced that. If the fine is not paid in time, he will be sent to jail for 40 days. Cheong Kin Iam also said that 509 people had been warned between midnight and 3 pm today.

He added that he found men and women playing with 10 people.Tennis Academy nis works there as a security guard and faces prosecution.

Following the disagreement in the results of the mass test, two illegal immigrant (II) operations involving hundreds of police officers and health department staff took place in Bairodasmise on Coloane and Poboason de Chokka in Taipa. Won two IIs.

Cheong Kin Iam urged the public to report the illegal activity to the police.

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