According to Macau Legend CEO Melindachan, the two satellite casinos in Macau Fisherman’s Wharf will continue to operate until at least December 31st, as their contract with Game Concessionaire SJM has been extended for six months.

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf operates two “satellite casinos” (Babylon and Legend Palace), both of which have received SJM concessions and their current contacts expire on June 26th. increase.

SJM, along with five other game concessionaires and subconcessionaires, has applied to the government for an extension until 31 December.

Concessions and sub-concessions held by “Big Six” will expire on June 26th.

Authorities have indicated that there is a six-month extension, but the decision has not yet been announced.

Chan added that he must wait for the promulgation of a related law (the game law amendment bill) as to whether the cooperation between Macau Legend and SJM will continue.

A general game law amendment bill has been approved by the Legislative Assembly for the first reading and is expected to see a green light for the second reading this month.

Melinda Chan also said that Macau Legend has streamlined operations due to the poor business environment, leading to a 16% headcount reduction.

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