The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) welcomed over 17,000 visitors on Saturday.

In a statement, MGTO said average daily visitor numbers from August 12 to 18 were close to 11,700, a 56% increase from the previous week and a record average of 315 visitors in July. visitors).

Visitor numbers to Macau fell by 98.8% on an annual basis in July due to the covid-19 outbreak that hit the territory on June 18.

During the outbreak, tourists coming to Macau had to undergo mandatory quarantine when returning to mainland China, but this measure was lifted on August 3.

On Saturday, the Novel Coronavirus Emergency Response Coordination Center announced that starting today, foreigners residing in mainland China can visit the region “without prior authorization from health authorities.”

MGTO announced on Friday that it would “restart face-to-face advertising” in mainland China.

At the end of this month, nine cities in neighboring Guangdong province will “launch the traveling promotional campaign ‘Feel Macau, Without Limits'”, and in early September, the “large-scale action ‘Week of Macau’ will be held. in Qingdao, Shandong Province.”

At the same time, the authorities announced that they were betting on the use of “online” platforms, social networks, e-commerce “sites” and travel agencies.

Macau faced its worst outbreak since the covid-19 pandemic began in June and July, during which time it recorded six deaths and more than 1,800 cases.

The territory has tightened control measures, with a significant impact on the local economy, which is heavily dependent on mainland China’s tourism and gaming industries.

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