Macau is preparing to address the most serious outbreak of Covid-19 since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic in January 2020, after 31 new cases of local infection were discovered over the weekend. increase.

The entire population is tested from Sunday to noon tomorrow (click) here (To schedule NAT), and many of the cities were closed with the government office And all banks were closed and restaurants were only allowed to serve takeaway meals.

The source of the infection had not yet been identified by the government late last night.

Authorities said more new cases were expected to be reported and the overall situation could worsen.

As of 10 pm yesterday, according to the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center, health authorities conducted nucleic acid tests (NATs) on 211,779 people, 66,797 of whom gave results.

A new case was conducted by another prison employee under the government’s regular NAT program after she was positive for Covid-19 at Kian Wu Hospital on Saturday night after she sought treatment for respiratory symptoms. Detected after a positive test. For workers in “major” occupations where the risk of Covid-19 may be high.

Chief Executive of Hong Kong Ho Iat-seng is officially announced by the government Stopped all administrative services today and tomorrowExcept for urgent and essential ones.

Activity centers, day care centers, day nurseries, exhibition halls, museums, parks, public libraries and sports facilities are all closed.

All bank and insurance company stores will be closed today and tomorrow. ATMs and online banking will continue to operate normally, but certain services such as deposits and loans will be postponed.

Local tour programs, sporting events and events of the Macao Government Tourism Office have also been suspended, and driving tests and administrative affairs tests are being conducted.

Visits to prisons, rehab centers and retirement homes have also been suspended, and the government has urged people not to go to the beach.

Classes in class at all schools and higher education institutions will be suspended until further notice.

In a move to emphasize the seriousness of the outbreak, the government urged restaurants and restaurants to refrain from eating out and sell only takeaways.

Similarly, stores and businesses are advised to close, except for those that are essential to maintaining the daily lives of residents. Residents are told to stay at home unless they visit a facility that is essential to their daily lives, such as a supermarket or a fresh market.

The government first announced early Sunday that one Covid-19-positive case was detected on Saturday night, after which Ho announced: Macau has entered a state of immediate prevention..

The first 12 of the 31 cases were announced yesterday morning by Secretariat for Social Affairs Elsie Ao Ieong U.

Alvis Lo Iek Long, director of the Department of Health (SSM), later announced that the number of new Covid-19-positive cases infected locally had increased to 21.

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