Macau is struggling to control the flu outbreak, with 1,078 cases reported this month, including 683 cases last week.

According to the city’s hospital, the Department of Health said the number of cases like influenza has increased since May. The agency added that the proportion of adult emergency department visits for cases such as influenza accounted for 13.2 out of 100 visits, and influenza-related pediatric emergencies accounted for 42.1 out of 100 visits. ..

This month, about 42% of patients with influenza-like symptoms were positive for influenza, 97.3% of whom were confirmed to have influenza A virus subtype H3N2, and the rest were confirmed to be influenza B virus.

The agency said seven cases of severe and complex influenza have been recorded since January. Patients aged 31 to 94 years and only one was vaccinated against the flu, Macau Post Daily reports.

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