The door to foreign non-resident workers (NRW) is widespread as the government abolishes the Covid-19 travel ban.

With the new measures, foreign non-revenues can apply for entry into Macau from Taiwan or abroad and can enter from mainland China without prior application for entry.

Leong Iek Hou, head of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Department of the Department of Health (SSM), said the government had considered the needs of Macau’s civil society, evaluated the situation in the city’s Covid-19, and then introduced mitigation measures. ..

According to Leon, the mitigation measures announced yesterday target three groups of non-resident aliens, with an unlimited number.

1) A person who has obtained an entry permit to work in Macau as an NRW (unofficially known as a “blue card” holder) or a non-resident worker.

2) A person who has obtained a permit to work as a professional NRW state issued by the Macau Labor Department.

3) A professional NRW family with a special permit to stay in Macau.

Three groups of non-resident foreigners can enter Macau directly from mainland China from Monday without applying to SSM.

Group 1 or 2 NRWs residing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or abroad may enter Macau after their respective employers have submitted an application to SSM. The third group application must be submitted by a professional NRW.

The application period will begin on June 24th and SSM will announce details next Friday.

Non-resident aliens benefiting from the new mitigation, as well as all other arrivals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or abroad, are subject to the government’s current 14-day requirements. Hotel quarantine In addition, 7 days of self-health monitoring or management upon arrival.

Non-resident aliens who, like all other arrivals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or abroad, will benefit from the new relaxation against Covid-19 at least 14 days ago, except for their respective families under the age of 12. Must be completely inoculated.

The government’s Covid-19 vaccination requirements for travelers departing from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or abroad to Macau apply to travelers over the age of 12.

When submitting the application, Leon said the employer must promise to pay the quarantine hotel fee for those who cannot. The same conditions apply to isolation treatment invoices, Macau Post Daily reported.

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