Naomi James broke the record of sailing around the world in two days.

Her 53-foot yacht Express Crusader crossed the Dartmouth finish line at 0911BST after spending almost nine months at sea.

The 29-year-old was also the first woman to sail alone around the world via Cape Horn. This is the classic “Clipper Route”.

After a 27,000 mile (43,452 km) trip, New Zealand-born Devonshire sailors’ homes were welcomed by a large number of applicants and the Royal Marines Band.

Mrs. James appeared to be healthy and relaxed when she set foot on British land for the first time in 272 days to be greeted by her husband Rob.

But she had to endure for weeks without a radio, her outfitting failure and her boat encapsulation during strong winds in the Southern Ocean.

The record-breaking yachtwoman admitted that she was thinking of giving up the attempt when she lost her mast.

“In my head, I had the idea,” How can I go around the horn on a non-sea-resistant ship? ” – So I thought about turning back, “she said.

Mrs. James said she had already planned to take part in a one-handed cross-Atlantic race, but was initially looking forward to a bath and sleep.

“For the last 10 days since the Azores Islands, it has been a murder,” she said.

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In context

Naomi James became Dame in 1979 in recognition of her achievements.

She gave up sailing in 19982 after suffering severe seasickness during a 2000 mile round bulletin race.

The following year, her husband fell overboard and drowned while sailing on Salcomb in Devon.

She remarried in 1990 and emigrated to the United States.

After spending 94 days at sea in February 2001, Ellen MacArthur in the United Kingdom became the fastest woman to sail the world.

Four years later, in 2005, she became the fastest solo voyager around the world in 71 days and 14 hours.

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