The United States routed the Japanese Navy in a three-day large-scale battle over remote US naval and air bases on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean.

This victory has severely hit Japan’s ambition to move beyond the Pacific Ocean toward the US coast.

A small island 1,000 miles northwest of Hawaii was targeted as a potential starting point for Japan’s advance.

The Japanese attacked an early June 4th in a violent air raid on a military base.

The United States responded with a decisive counterattack using the Pacific Fleet, Army bombers, and Marines. The Japanese were clearly surprised at the scale of American defense.

Combat is mostly from aircraft carriers, and this is the second attempt at this type of combat.

The first was just a month ago at the Battle of the Coral Sea, when the United States blocked Japan’s plans to invade Australia.

In that battle, the victory was less decisive, and the United States lost one of its aircraft carriers, USS Lexington.

Reporting the end of the Battle of Midway, Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Supreme Commander of the United States Pacific Fleet, said that at least two enemy aircraft carriers were completely destroyed, all aircraft were destroyed, and at least two were even more serious. He said he had suffered a lot of damage. ..

Ten Japanese warships were also sunk or damaged.

In contrast, the loss was relatively small on the American side. One American aircraft carrier was beaten and several planes were lost.

Although fighting is still ongoing in the area, Admiral Nimitz could not claim that the Japanese were defeated, but said that “a significant victory has been brought.”

He continued. “Pearl Harbor is now partially revenge. Revenge will not be complete until the power of the Japanese sea is helplessly diminished. We have made considerable progress in that direction.”

Meanwhile, fighting continues around the US Navy base in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The Japanese are known to have landed on the westernmost tip of the Aleutian Islands and bombed the harbor on June 3.

Since then, there has been no news from this area.

Courtesy BBC News

In context

The Japanese invaded two islands in the Aleutian Islands, Attu and Kiska, and attacked Dutch Harbor as a detour to separate US troops from the Battle of Midway.

However, the United States broke Japan’s military code and knew a secret strategy, denying an easy victory over Japan on the Midway.

The loss of four aircraft carriers was more than the Japanese Navy could endure, and the battle proved a turning point in the Pacific War.

Six months after the Japanese bombed the US Navy base axPearl Harbor, they were put on the defensive for the first time.

Slowly, the Americans turned them back, and in the end, US troops occupied Iwo Jima and Okinawa’s major Japanese-owned islands.


Japan has been under US occupation for seven years, and to this day Okinawa has a large and controversial US military base.

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