Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron met with the opposition on Tuesday after refusing to offer the prime minister’s resignation to end the impasse caused by the failure to secure a majority in parliamentary elections.

Macron planned to welcome the far-right leader Marine Le Pen and the heads of other political parties for a rare meeting in Elysee.

The ghost of political paralysis and groundbreaking achievements under the far-right Le Pen administration also cast doubt on Macron’s European leadership as he seeks to maintain a key role in dealing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Elizabeth said French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, who accused some analysts of leading the slumping campaign, offered to resign from Macron, but the head of state declined.

Macron believes the government needs to “stay on duty and action,” and demanded that the president not be nominated to seek a “constructive solution” to the political impasse in talks with the opposition. Presidential officials said.

Macron began on Tuesday with a discussion with Christian Jacob, the leader of the traditional right-wing Republican Party (LR).

Socialist leader Olivier Foret and Communist boss Fabien Roussel, a member of the NUPES Left Alliance, will also meet Macron.

And on rare occasions, Macron will meet Le Pen, a rival of the presidential election and leader of the Far Right National Union (RN), at 17:30 Paris time (1530 GMT).

– “There is no problem with the agreement” –

Macron’s options range from seeking the formation of a new coalition, passing a bill based on an extraordinary agreement, and even calling for a new election.

One option is an alliance with the Republican Party, which has 61 members.

However, after the meeting Jacob appeared to have closed the door to such a solution. “I told the President that there is no doubt about starting what could be considered a betrayal of our voters.”

“We stay in the opposite … There is no doubt about thinking about certain agreements,” he said, but swearing the party would not interfere with the institution’s activities.

Macron wanted to enter his second term with an ambitious program of tax cuts, welfare reforms and retirement age increases. It’s all about the problem right now.

“What can he (Macron) do now?” Le Parisien’s headline said every day. “The deadlocked Macron, NUPES, is already split,” Lufigaro added.

The Macron Ensemble (together) coalition remains the largest party after Sunday’s National Assembly elections, but has fallen below dozens of seats to maintain the absolute majority it has enjoyed over the past five years.

Macron’s Together Alliance won 245 seats, well below the 289 seats required for a majority of the total, with low turnout and an abstention rate of 53.77%.

According to Interior Ministry statistics, NUPES became a major opposition in the elections, along with 137-seat allies.

However, it seems unlikely that a coalition of socialists, Communists, Greens, and the left-wing French Ambowd will be able to maintain a common purpose in Congress.

–’Listen to voters’ –

Jean-Luc Melenchon, France’s Unbowed chief who organized the NUPES alliance, proposed on Monday to make NUPES a permanent left-wing block, but the offer was immediately rejected by three other NUPES parties.

Being close to the president, Melension is believed to be sending an agent to Elysee instead of going to a meeting with Macron on Wednesday.

On the other hand, Le Pen’s far right showed the best legislative performance in its history, becoming the strongest single opposition with 8 to 89 seats in the race room.

Le Pen’s change was “not much different,” and urged Macron to “listen to French voters.”

Even if Bourne stays in her post for now, a cabinet shake-up is imminent.

Macron’s Minister of Health and Environment will have been beaten and will traditionally have to resign, as the Speaker of Parliament and the Chair of Macron’s Parliamentary Group did.

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