Macron loses majority in French parliament


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Five pollsters predict that Macron’s party and his allies will win between 200 and 260 of the 577 seats.

Five pollsters predict that Macron’s party and his allies will win between 200 and 260 of the 577 seats.

President Emmanuel Macron voting on Sunday

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President Emmanuel Macron is expected to lose a majority in the French Parliament, at least he will compromise and rely on coalition partners to drive ambitious business reforms.

Five pollsters predict that the party, led by a 44-year-old centrist who was reelected in April, and his allies will have 200-260 of the 577 seats in the final vote of the legislative election on Sunday. I plan to get it.

According to pollsters, the second largest group in parliament is Nupes, a left-wing coalition led by Jean-Luc Melenceon, which will have 149-200 members. The Far Right National Rally is expected to win 60-102 seats, much better than expected.

You need at least 289 seats to make up the absolute majority.

Macron may be able to maintain control of the executive branch because there is no group of parties that is close to a complete majority, but he struggles to pass the bill and puts many of his second agenda at risk. Become.

Macron can form an alliance on a particular topic. For example, his position to raise retirement age is similar to that of a centre-right Republican. If that doesn’t work, you may want to use Article 49.3 of the French Constitution. This allows the law to be enacted under certain conditions without the approval of Parliament.

Lisa Thomas Derbois, a French political expert in Paris, said, “He is almost systematically opposed to all proposals from the government, whether far right or far left. You won’t be able to. ” It is based in the Montagne Institute.

Macron’s support base has shrunk over the past five years, opposition to pension reform, social inequality, and dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The 44-year-old won his second term in the April presidential election, with National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen in second place, bringing the strongest score in history to the far right. Melenceon, who was close to 3rd place, appeared on the head of a bold left wing.

After the results of the first round showed that his majority were at risk, Macron made an increasingly apocalyptic tone, a dangerous force to destabilize both the Nupe and the National Rally. Described as.

Nupez is unlikely to implement an economic program that includes raising wages and shortening working hours against the backdrop of huge public spending, but the coalition will affect parliamentary and public debate. According to Maeva Cousin, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, with rising interest rates around the world, “it could undermine investors’ confidence in France’s fiscal outlook.”

The National Rally, on the other hand, seems to be set up to reserve enough seats to influence the Commission and secure the designated floor time to broadcast its views. French politics.

“The French people have made Emmanuel Macron a minority president,” National Rally acting chief Jordan Valdera said on TF1 television, saying it was the party’s highest score in the legislative elections.

Macron’s second phase had already made a difficult start with allegations of sexual harassment against one of his ministers and criticism of the government’s police doctrine after the turmoil at the football stadium caused anger in Britain.

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