Singapore: The Singapore Food Authority (SFA) has ordered a recall of Hand Flower Brand Soy Sauce because it contains the food additive benzoic acid.

In a media release on Friday (September 2), the agency said it had detected benzoic acid in related products at levels exceeding regulatory limits for sources set out in the Singapore Food Regulations.

The use of benzoic acid was not even declared on the food packaging label.

As a precautionary measure, the SFA said it had instructed importer Heng Yoon Trading to recall the relevant products. A recall is in progress.

This recall affects all Tebana brand soy sauces with batch number KSS0 125 and an expiration date of July 26, 2025. The country of origin of the product is Malaysia.

“Under the Singapore Food Regulations, only permitted food additives at levels within the maximum level are permitted for use in food,” the SFA said.

The SFA added that one-time consumption of the affected products is unlikely to be a food safety concern based on the levels of benzoic acid detected.

“Consumers should not consume foods containing high levels of benzoic acid for extended periods of time.

“This suggests that studies in animals given high doses of benzoic acid have shown central nervous system damage and brain Because it shows change”.Agency.

Anyone who has consumed related products and has health concerns should seek medical attention. Consumers can also contact the point of purchase.

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